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Taking your boating experience to another level, the ASIS Recreational Amphibious Boat gives you the versatility, mobility and freedom that no other boat can give you.

Whether you have a beachfront property and want the flexibility to take your boat out at any time of the day or you are looking for a tender that would enhance your boating journey, the ASIS Amphibious Boat Recreational is what you are looking for. It allows you to reach pristine beaches, hidden groves and inaccessible areas with a traditional boat. In addition, it gives you the freedom to launch your boat by yourself without the help of an additional person.

Fully Customizable by colour, seating configuration, accessories and options, you can design your amphibious boat the way you like it. Want to add to it a tent and a BBQ so you can use it to camp overnight on a beach? No problem at all, ASIS can build the Amphibious Boat of your dreams. Contact us and we can custom design an amphibious boat according to your desires.

With an ASIS Amphibious boat, you will get the finest and the most unique boat combined with the latest technology and without compromising on the performance and safety you would expect from an ASIS Boat.

Advantages Of An Amphibious Boat V/S A Traditional Boat


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