Who is ASIS Amphibious?

ASIS Amphibious is the dedicated brand of ASIS in the Amphibious boats range.

Innovation being the main driver at ASIS, the company invested heavily in R&D to improve the existing amphibious technology to the next level and well beyond. The result is an internally developed 4 Wheel-Drive Amphibious system using the most advanced technology in the market. ASIS 4WD Amphibious boats give you more power, more range and more adventure.

Our fully customizable Amphibious boats are designed with the same level of ASIS Boats’ rugged RHIBs used in the Navy, Law enforcement and rescue operations. Founded in 2005, ASIS Boats is a world renowned leader in the military and professional sectors with 3,000 boats sold in over 80 countries.

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