Get to know our Amphibious System

 Maximum size of Boat   32’8’’ – 10m
 Speed on land  5.6 mph – 9 kph (4WD)
 System Motor power  35 HP
 Motor Cooling system  Air cooled
 Maximum Torque  2,582 ft-lb – 3,500 Nm
 Size of Tyres  26″ x 12″
 Weight of system  1,323 lbs – 600 kg
 Built strong to Lift Boat & max payload  Yes



Hydraulic Power Unit:
  • Briggs and Stratton 27 kW (35HP), EFI engine equipped with “control by wire” (CBW). CBW technology removes the need for mechanical cable connections which provides greater installation options and “smart” stability of operation.
  • Custom rim manufactured with offset to place load in optimum position over hydraulic motor bearings
  • 26x12x12 turf tyres
  • Wheels are marine coated
Other features of the engine:
  • Equipped with an oxygen sensor to reduce emissions
  • Engine speed monitoring for stability of operation
  • Consistent, easy starting
  • Superior fuel economy
  • On-board diagnostics for remote fault finding


All functions of the system are controlled via a PLC allowing:
  • Full system monitoring and on-board diagnostic capabilities
  • Remote monitoring of system performance and service support
  • Self centering of steering wheel assembly
  • Brakes with auto on feature if no drive signal received after 5 secs
  • Auto engine speed control for wheel retraction/extension
  • CAN Bus system. Sending control signals as data.
User Interface (UI)
  • There are three electronic UI components i.e. joystick, keypad and “System Fault” LED
  • An optional “system scanner” is available
4-Wheel drive system
  • Superior traction and less ground pressure – weight spread over four wheels
  • 1 year full warranty on the 4 Wheel-Drive system or 30 hours whichever occurs first for the recreational users / 90 consecutive days on the 4 Wheel-Drive system for commercial or professional use

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