The ASIS Amphibious Boat 9.5m Beachlander

The only Beachlander boat with wheels out there, the 9.5M ASIS Amphibious Beachlander boat represents the ideal RHIB for many professional users. Adding to the great advantages of having advanced amphibious capabilities, the Beachlander option of the boat facilitates your boating journey on the craft as not only you can drive straight onto any beach or marina but you can also open up the bow and roll anything onto the boat. The front bow of the boat lowers down acting as a “loading ramp” allowing for easy loading of cargo, equipment and passengers. It can carry a big number of passenger and cargo and has a large storage area.

This ASIS Amphibious Beachlander boat is a great RHIB for:

  • Search and Rescue operations where the objects can be easily pulled up from the bow ramp and passengers can easily be carried inside the boat
  • Tour companies who are looking to offer a complete luxurious sightseeing experience to their customers with easy walk-in and disembarking of the boat in all dryness on any island in addition to a memorable experience in the water with direct access through the opening bow of the boat
  • Diving schools seeking a practical, safer and faster deployment of divers via the ramp used as a diving platform away from engine propellers

ASIS Amphibious Beachlander offers a great platform for full customization and design layout. This unique boat gives you more efficiency, more flexibility and more versatility.

Advantages of the ASIS Amphibious Craft

  • 1 man operation – reduce the number of needed workforce
  • Straight driving onto any beach or marina
  • Accessibility to the shallowest water
  • Access to areas of high tidal range
  • Ease of entry to previously inaccessible areas of operation
  • Increased patrolling areas
  • Rapid Interception in SAR cases
  • Unique Rescue Capability and Flood Response
  • Ability to Traverse Obstacles, Variable Depths and Debris
  • Extremely fast deployment response: Rapid transition between land and water


Length Overall  9.6 m – 31’6”
Beam Overall  2.95 m – 9’8″
Lightship Weight  3,700 kg – 8157 Ibs
Payload  1,950 kg – 4,299 Ibs
Collar  Air or Foam
Tube Diameter  D-Tube
No of Air Chambers  8
Rec. Power  2×250 Hp
Max. Power Allowed  2×300 Hp
Max. Speed  100 km/h – 62 mph
Max. Fuel Capacity  82 US Gal – 310 Ltr
No of Pax  15 on water – 8 on land
Classification  Category B, Offshore


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