The ASIS Amphibious Boat 8.4 M

The 8.4M ASIS Amphibious Boat is the medium size of our Amphibious boats range, offering you great comfort with enough space for a family to enjoy a day in the sea, store any water sports equipment and have a dining table amongst other features.

The 8.4M ASIS Amphibious is the ideal size boat for a yacht tender and the perfect complement for megayachts. It can transport up to 15 guests ashore, allowing maximum enjoyment while on water with the ability to do wakeboarding, waterskiing or banana boat and maximum pleasure on land with the ability to reach any restaurant by the beach to enjoy a nice meal or any private island.

Fully Customizable by colour, seating configuration, accessories and options, you can design your amphibious boat the way you like it.

The Benefits of our ASIS Amphibious

  • Easy launch – No need for a trailer, you now have the freedom to launch your boat by yourself
  • Direct access to and from the water – spend more time on the water
  • Immediate steering and parking next to your beach house or storage location
  • Unparalleled ease of embarking and disembarking without getting wet
  • Accessibility to the shallowest water and to inaccessible areas in a traditional boat
  • Access to areas of high tidal range – no need to worry about the time of the day


 Length Overall:  8.57 m – 28’1″
 Beam Overall:  2.55 m – 8’4″
 Tube diameter:  0.45 m – 1’6″
 Lightship:  2,486 kg – 5,481 Ibs
 Payload:  1,441 kg – 3,177 Ibs
 Fuel Capacity:  60 – 100 gal
 Recommended Power:  2 x 150 hp
 Max Power Allowed:  2 x 250 hp
 No of Pax:  10 No. on water & 5 No. on land
 Classification:  B
 Number of Air Chamber:  6


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