ASIS Amphibious Craft 9.8M

The biggest Amphibious RHIB ever built, the 9.8M ASIS Amphibious is ideal for large size missions varying in complexities.

It offers a great platform for full customization and design layout specific to your needs. It can carry a big number of passengers, has a large storage area and a big loading capacity.

This 9.8M ASIS Amphibious Craft is the perfect RHIB for a number of different applications such as:

  • Fire fighting and SAR missions; faster response time with faster deployment thanks to the ability to drive in the shallowest waters and reach areas otherwise inaccessible along with ample storage to install the fire fighting pumps and rescue equipment
  • Law Enforcement operations; saving time and increasing efficiency thanks to the amphibious capabilities of the boat with unaffected high performance, great handling and manoeuvring of the boat when on water
  • Work boats for transport of passengers and cargo; reach the working platform directly and easily embark and disembark passengers
  • Pearl, oyster and mussels farming; facilitating their work with the ability to move the cages in an efficient manner and freedom to operate at any time as there is no need to worry about the tidal range
  • Guided excursion and sightseeing tours; Offering a unique luxurious experience to their customers thanks to the ability to reach any beach or island directly without getting your passenger wet

Advantages of the ASIS Amphibious Craft

  • 1 man operation – reduce the number of needed workforce
  • Straight driving onto any beach or marina
  • Accessibility to the shallowest water
  • Access to areas of high tidal range
  • Ease of entry to previously inaccessible areas of operation
  • Increased patrolling areas
  • Rapid Interception in SAR cases
  • Unique Rescue Capability and Flood Response
  • Ability to Traverse Obstacles, Variable Depths and Debris
  • Extremely fast deployment response: Rapid transition between land and water


Length Overall  10.3 m – 33’10”
Beam Overall  3.17 m – 10’5″
Lightship Weight  3,210 kg – 7,077 Ibs
Payload  1,950 kg – 4,299 Ibs
Collar  Air or Foam
Tube Diameter  0.56 – 1’10”
No of Air Chambers  8
Rec. Power  2×250 Hp
Max. Power Allowed  2×400 Hp
Max. Speed  85 km/h – 53 mph
Max. Fuel Capacity  115 US Gal – 435 Ltr
No of Pax  15 on water – 5 on land
Classification  Category B, Offshore


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