amphibious beachlander
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The Amphibious Beachlander, a great success!

And it’s a wrap! Great ending to yet another successful Dubai Boat Show.

Showcasing our extensive range of Amphibious boats, both a 8.4m Professional Amphibious Boat as well as 9.5m Amphibious Beachlander were displayed at this year’s show.

The ASIS Beachlander Amphibious took special attention for its uniqueness & engineering innovation. With an articulating bow to facilitate access from shore to the boat and vice versa, as well as an amphibious system allowing it to go on land, this latest unique creation opens a whole new world of opportunities. The boat can be driven on land to any specific location, the wheels can be lowered and the bow opened, allowing anyone to go onboard in all dryness and elegance.

amphibious boat at the boat show

Yacht owners and Luxury Resorts were very receptive and enthusiastic about this latest unique creation.

Commenting on the exceptional response to the ASIS Boats amphibious range, Roy Nouhra, Founder & President of ASIS Boats said: “Interest in our products has been overwhelming, not only with the number of immediate sales at the show, but also the significant number of enquiries we have received from boat owners around the world. It is clear that our amphibious boats are very attractive for the yachting world, particularly as our range is very wide.”

Always at the forefront of engineering innovation, ASIS Boats invest heavily in Research & Development to ensure they remain ahead with pioneering products that respond to customers’ specific requirements.

amphibious beachlander

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