Professionals are going Amphibious
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Professionals are going Amphibious

The need for the 4WD ASIS AMP boat is very high from the various military and professional mariners for their missions; from flood rescue and other rescue missions to anti-piracy and transport and tour to name a few.

The ASIS 9.8m Pro AMP boat in these pictures was custom-built for coast guard operations. It is very powerful and can reach high speeds with its twin mercury engine of 350Hp each. The Mil/Pro ASIS AMP is a great addition to your existing fleet allowing your personnel to take action faster and more effectively.

Each amphibious RIB boat is powered by ASIS advanced BAS 80-4 Amphibious system, comprised of 4 independently motorized and steerable wheels that offer high stability on land and retract completely in the water for exceptional overland and on-water performance. The high demand for the use of the 4WD amphibious boat in Mil/Pro missions is thanks to its multiple advantages for such operations:

amphibious boat vs traditional boat


  • Reduce the number of needed workforce
  • Easily deployable.
  • Less effort to launch and recover the boat thanks to the amphibious capabilities of the boat
amphibious rib boat


  • Rapid transition between land and water
  • Increased patrolling area
  • Ability to Traverse Obstacles, Variable Depths & Debris
  • Access to areas of high tidal range
4wd amphibious craft


  • Ability to reach previously inaccessible areas
amphibious rhib boat
We are the only manufacturer of the unique 4WD Amphibious RHIB boat in the world.

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