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Innovation at its best, ASIS Boats Introduces

ASIS Boats is once again the trendsetter in the marine market with the launch of another successful innovation The Amphibious Beachlander.

“Boating is for everyone and at ASIS we are making sure of it.” says Roy Nouhra, Founder and President of ASIS Boats. With the newly launched Amphibious Beachlander range, anyone can come onboard.

Adding to the advantages of having an Amphibious boat, that is a boat with wheels, which can take you anywhere, the Beachlander option opens a whole new world of opportunities to any boating experience. Now not only can you drive straight onto any beach, but you can also open up the bow and have all your passengers leave the boat, gracefully and dry. This front bow has a hydraulically controlled door/ramp which can be lowered to facilitate the loading and off-loading of passengers, equipment and camping gear amongst many other uses.

Great as a yacht tender, the ASIS Amphibious Beachlander offers a feel of luxury to all its passengers. Customized and optimised to cater the need of superyachts, these amazing tenders are ideal to carry your guests from and to shore.

beachlander amphibious

This Amphibious Beachlander boat is also the perfect boat for divers and swimmers as the front bow ramp can be used on land to load very easily all the diving gearand on water as a safe diving platform away from the engines.

It is great for hotel resorts as well, where hotel guests can walk in the boat directly from the hotel beach, enjoy the sea and elegantly walk out the boat on any beach or island reached. The boat is designed to make it easy for disabled people with wheel chairs to come onboard and operate the boat on their own.

amphibious craft for swimmers

The beauty of the Beachlander lies in its ability to be used for multiple purposes as mentioned below:

Resorts; Guests can smoothly walk in and out of the boat when taken from their hotel beach resorts to visit private islands
People with physical disabilities; Easy access from the land and water
Divers; Have effortless access to the water from the bow ramp, away from engines and propellers
Swimmers and families; With the bow lowered into the water an instant swimming platform is created so everyone can easily access to the water

Wheelchair Accessible AmphibiousBoats

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