4WD Amphibious System Launch
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ASIS Boats Announces the Launch of its latest 4WD Amphibious system in the market

ASIS Boats, a leading Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) builder and manufacturing company has announced the launch of its latest advanced BAS 80-4 Amphibious System, the most innovative and only 4WD Amphibious System in the market.

“When we first launched the Amphibious boat with the Sealegs®, 3 wheels system in 2014 it caught a lot of traction worldwide. Our customers loved it, as it made their boating experience so much more enjoyable. They were able to take out their amphibious boat anytime of the day by driving it straight from their beach house to the water. As innovators in the boating industry, we then decided to improve the existing Sealegs® system to a 4WD system which is more technologically advanced, gives more power on land, more ability to drive on different surfaces and more load capacity,” said Roy Nouhra, Founder & CEO of ASIS Boats.

Technologically stronger and better, the new Amphibious System features 4 wheels – independently driven by four independent motors, excellent traction as weight of the boat is divided on 4 wheels, custom designed tyres for better traction, differential lock that allows redistribution of power on other wheels and high stability on land. The Amphibious boat is available in three sizes – 7.1 meters, 8.4 meters, 9.8 meters. The company also offers a 9.5-meter unique boat called – Amphibious Beachlander that has an opening bow allowing you to walk straight in-and-out of the boat. The Amphibious boat built with the advanced BAS 80-4 Amphibious System is available at the starting price of $USD 140K.

“As an organization, ASIS Boats have always been committed to offer its clients the best innovative solutions for their needs. Our Amphibious boats are fully customizable so you can have your ideal boat. Our technology has been well proven in the broader space and with this latest Amphibious System, and we are confident to explore our next leap,” added Nouhra.

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BAS 80-4 Amphibious System
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